Scientists and designers don’t always talk the same language. We certainly don’t claim to be scientists ourselves, but we believe strongly in the scientific method and pride ourselves in our ability to understand even the most abstract of concepts and translate them to a visual format.

We consult closely with our clients and make sure we have the information we need before we start a project.

Flexible and responsive

Our core operation is kept small and we use our large network of professional contacts to tailor a team with the right skills for any given project. We find that this gives us the flexibility we need as well as allowing us to expand our capacity as the need arises.

We work with designers, science communicators, web developers, SEO specialists, social media specialists, photographers, illustrators, programmers, app developers, copywriters and photo retouchers, allowing us to match the skills to the project.

Reliable and clear

We take full responsibility for each project from inception to delivery. Real responsibility, not the kind that turns into blame shifting when a problem arises.

Our quotes are detailed and comprehensive, and we stick to them.

We communicate clearly and meet deadlines.


Not just a fence site screenshot

Not just a fence


Interactive reporting tool

Go Extinct! online game

STEAM Galaxy

Interactive evolution game

Still frame from video showing renewables could make up 90% of Queensland's electricity needs

Renewable energy boom

Solar Citizens

Social media video

Solar Citizens renewable energy brochures

Queensland’s renewable energy boom

Solar Citizens

Brochures and infographics

Surfing the Digital Tsunami


Future scenarios reports

DATA 61 Infographic panel – Megatrends

Digital Technology Roadmap infographics


Series of infographic panels

Cover of Brigalow Belt report

Brigalow Belt Priority Threat Management book

CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences

112 page landscape A4 document

Monthly accounts dashboard

Williams Hall Chadwick

Online accounting reporting system

Crown of Thorns Starfish brochure cover

Crown-of-Thorns Starfish booklet

Worldwide Fund for Nature

16 page booklet with charts and infographics

Great Barrier Reef charts

Worldwide Fund for Nature

Coral cover and nutrient levels on the GBR

Seed Alliance site

Seed Alliance

Site with significant data visualisation

LEB brochure birdflower spread

Lake Eyre Basin booklets

CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences

Report and overview documents on managing invasive animals in the LEB

ELA site home page

Environmental Law Australia site

Environmental Law Australia

Site aimed at promoting practical understanding of environmental law

Inside spread – Measuring the human dimension of the Great Barrier Reef

Measuring the human dimension of the Great Barrier Reef

CSIRO Land and Water Flagship

Social and economic long term monitoring program

Reminiscence cover


Catalogue for the exhibition commemorating the centenary of Judith Wright

WRM site home

WRM Water + Environment site

WRM Water + Environment

Site with many categories of work and some data vis

WRM brochures services spread

WRM Water + Environment brochures

WRM Water + Environment

A series covering four industry sectors

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Data visualisation

We specialise in visualising data to concisely and accurately convey its meaning.

This may be in the form of graphs, charts or maps, and can incorporate time-based, geographical and multi-layered information from virtually any source.

We have the technical ability, but what’s more important is our ability to recognise the style of visualisation that will show the information most clearly.

Our visualisations can accept live data and update in real time.

We also do static and interactive infographics.


We create accurate, clear and engaging documents that give easy and logical access to the content.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail and have decades of experience in all of the technical aspects of large documents, including references, bibliographies, credits and indices that are accurate and conform to academic standards.

We’ve managed print on hundreds of documents and know how to get the most out of the process.


By doing thorough research into our audience and their needs, we create sites that are relevant, speedy and optimised. From educational (we love doing educational sites) to technical or commercial, we develop sites that resonate.


The interaction between a speaker and their audience is different to any other visual interaction. We’ve studied how it works and know how to make presentations that allow the audience to engage.

Our presentations are dynamic without being distracting and give the presenter flexibility rather than forcing them to follow a script (especially when we include an element of data vis).

We also do explanatory videos for online distribution.

Photo shoots

We don’t just art direct shoots – we can create concepts, develop shot lists, source locations, props and talent, prepare call sheets and wrangle whatever is required to get the most out of the images.

We have long-term relationships with many leading photographers and videographers, and have handled all sorts of shoots.