Go Extinct! online game

Online, design-your-own version of the evolution game

GoExtinct! is a highly successful educational game. Based on GoFish!, it introduces students to the concepts and workings of evolutionary biology.

During development of the game, Ariel Marcy from STEAM Galaxy discovered that students gained a much deeper understanding of evolution if they had a hand in designing the game. She therefore approached Evidently So to develop an online version of the game that gave players the chance to choose their own section of the Tree of Life, and have input into the species used and even the colour scheme.

This presented a challenging data vis project, needing a bespoke visualisation with a great many variables. With the help of the amazing Gerardo Furtado, we were able to meet this challenge and develop a flexible, fun and popular online version of the game.

The online game was launched by the Queensland Government at the State Library in May 2018.

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