Data visualisation examples

A few simple examples of data vis for those who are unfamiliar with it.
More complex examples (done by others) are below.

Organ Donation in Australia

The increase in organ donation in recent years.

European Investment in Research & Development

The EU has set itself a target of devoting 3% of GDP to R&D

International Refugee Origins and Destinations 2012

Movements of 300 or more people

Extent of Arctic Sea Ice

Changes in sea ice between the 1980s and 2012

Interesting visualisations by others

Here are a few more complex and interactive visualisations to give an idea of what's possible. We're able to do visualisations on this level, so let us know if you have a project that this sort of treatment would suit.

A superb way of explaining conditional probability

Deaths by US drones since 2004

What's really warming the world?

The true size of countries

Australian political donations

Lovely use of a simple map to enhance the story of a journey

Flight Stream – all of the world's flights

Compare the size of celestial bodies

A day in the life or New York taxis

Wingbeats of five flying creatures

The Atlantic Slave Trade in Two Minutes

Prime number patterns (seriously nerdy and great)

More for maths nerds – Ford circles

Startups and their financiers

The Poppy Field – casualties of war

How skeletal muscles work