QLock variation 4 progress

Last updated 16 October 2018

Interface modifications
Remove the link to ‘levels’ from the menu and add it as a button.Completed
On the levels page, add in the flow level and the change for upper pool, lower pool and flow.CompletedAs discussed, can't do the flow without adding the whole weir config.
Add a message if the fishway gate has changed during a session.Completed
Add loading placeholder.Completed
Add alert message if user is offline at the start of their session.Not achievableIf they're not online at the start, we can't view the page.
On data pages, add date of last commit to uneditable data and edit button to each line of data.To do
Add the two Chowilla fishway charts.Completed
Allow users on the gate weirs to enter the gate value directly into the field. Completed
Add arrow to lock change selector to indicate that it’s a menu.
Remove the ‘Generate .csv’ button for non-admin users.Completed
Remove drowned weir warning on Mullaroo and replace with warning re. gate angle too low.Completed
Fix inconsistency between date formats on data pages.Completed
Add alert when users commit on the levels page to make sure they commit the weir.Completed
User access modifications
New user levels – ‘Base’ and ‘Coordinator’.Completed
Change Upper, Central, Lower and Victoria user to be able to modify pool levels for all weirs/locks.Completed
Change user access to allow editing of relevant data pages.Completed
Functionality changes for reporting
Change the functionality of the ‘Generate .csv’ button to also save the data, possibly duplicating the non-editable data in a new table.CompletedHaven't done the data duplication part – might need to discuss.
Add admin pages with the previous five days’ data of each of the data pages and allow admin users to go back through them and assign them a date other than the current date.In progress
Make the Chowilla Creek data on the mid-river data page editable and disconnect it from the Chowilla regulator values.Completed
In the data pages – add button to transfer yesterday's data to below and calculate difference.To do
Ensure null values on data pages are blank (not zero).CompletedSee note in email sent 16/10/18